What Are Some Important Factors In Running A Successful Self Storage Business?

In recent years, the number of self storage businesses that have opened all over the country has increased drastically. The fall of the economy over the last few years has actually given a boost in business to self storage owners. Many people have downsized their homes and no longer have room for all their belongings. Therefore, they need a place to safely store those items they do not wish to sell.

With the many self storage businesses that are offering their service to homeowners, it is definitely a competitive business. If you have been considering starting your own self storage business, these are some important factors to consider.

Offer Competitive Prices

One of the first things customers look for when considering renting a storage unit is how much it will cost. It is very important to offer this service to your customers at a reasonable price if you expect to succeed at your business.

You can easily contact other self storage companies, such as Lowest Cost Storage Guaranteed, to get a price quote for how much they rent their units for. Even if you are pricing the monthly rental cost for your units only a couple dollars cheaper than your competitors, this can dramatically increase your clientele.

Offer Various Unit Sizes Available

Many successful storage unit businesses offer units to rent in at least three different sizes. The larger the unit is, the more the monthly rental cost will be. By having various sizes available, this helps customers avoid paying for empty space they do not use.

If they only have a few items that need to be stored, renting a large sized unit at the highest rental price would not make sense. Giving your customers the option to pay only for the amount of space they need will keep them better satisfied.

Provide a Secure Facility

The security of their belongings also determines which storage company customers will rent from. Simply providing a lock and key for each unit may not be enough to ensure those belongings are safe and secure.

Adding motion sensors, alarm systems and security cameras throughout the property is very helpful in giving clients the peace of mind that their items are safe. Some large self storage businesses also have paid employees who are hired to guard the property after business hours when the owner or other employees are not there.

Providing the best service possible to your customers is the key to being successful at any business. If you run a very secure, affordable storage unit business, you should always have a steady and continuous clientele.