3 Ways To Add Global Flair To Your Living Room Using Indian Textiles

The American rustic interior design trend is lovely, but you might be looking for something with a lot more color and a dash of global flair. Whether you've actually traveled the world, or dreamed of travel from the comfort of your couch, there are a few simple ways you can add some global flair to your living room.

And the tips all involve one simple motif: Indian textiles. Incorporate Indian textiles in your home by doing the following:

Go Bold with an Accent Wall

Seek out vinyl stencils that mimic the style of Indian textile designs, which favor bold prints and geometric flowers. You can use the stencil to create an accent wall in your living room that will wow any guests.

There are a few tips to executing this design. First, make sure the other walls are all painted a solid, coordinating color so that the accent wall is the star of the show. The accent wall itself should be painted with a neutral solid tone to prepare for the stencil. Then you can use the bold tone -- think crimson, royal blue or even a deep gold -- to use over the stencil.

Try to find a large stencil to keep the number of times you have to move it down to a minimum. It should have a self-adhesive backing and line up easily with the already painted designs.

Add Accents with Curtains and Pillows

These are other easy ways to add touches of global flairs. You can order authentic Indian textile designs fabric and use the fabric to create pillows and curtains. You will need a sewing machine but the tasks won't require much actual sewing talent.

Search for patterns for envelope pillowcases -- the simple kinds that split open so that an accent pillow form slides right in. If you do have some sewing ability, create several different shapes of pillows to alternate on your couch, loveseat and arm chairs. Mix up the patterns to create a more bohemian, undone look.

For the curtains, you can seek out a pattern, but it basically boils down to creating hems and a pocket for your curtain rod to slide through. If you have large windows, stick to a more subdued colored or print on the fabric so that it doesn't overpower the room. This holds especially true if you did an accent wall.

Get Crafty with a Floor Cover

A floor cover is basically a flat rug made out of fabric that works better under a coffee table than in a main walkway. You can buy carpet pads at most hardware stores to prevent the rug from slipping but they still are meant for decoration, not heavy traffic.

To create a floor cover, purchase some 100% cotton Indian textile fabric and cut it to your desired size. Use a strong spray adhesive to carefully attach the fabric to your carpet pad, smoothing as you go and working quickly. You can then cover the fabric with a couple of coats of waterproof polyurethane for protection and durability.

For more ideas, or to find ready-made pieces, you can check out local Indian textile retailers, like Tara Design - Antique Indian Furniture And Art.