Window Treatments: Win, Lose Or Draw

Are you faced with the dilemma of attempting to make a statement with dazzling drapery, all while trying to let in natural light? No need to fret because your curtains can share in the spotlight with nature's shining glory. Learn styles and techniques that will allow your window coverings to effectively decorate a space and still fill a room with sunlight.

Sheers To Save The Day

Think of a window sheer as a woman in a veiled hat, letting the beauty behind peek ever so slightly through. Sheers tucked behind a set of panels permit daylight to fill an otherwise darkened bedroom. Sheer window coverings provide an appropriate amount of privacy without compromising a room's lighting, yet shielding, naked windows.

Play up the boldness of sheer drapes by pulling inspiration from accent colors around a room. Opt for a pale pink in a nude color schemed bedroom. The setting sun can cascade cool colors from a red tinted sheer curtain in a child's room.

Where The Sun "Usually" Don't Sunshine

The dreaded window in the tub or shower stall could potentially be a nightmare for anyone. Trying to cover the window completely without being an eyesore doesn't have to be a tumultuous task. The worry of curtains getting drenched with each shower use can be quelled as well.

Outfit the window with a vinyl shower curtain liner. A clear option lets in more light, while simultaneously obscuring the view inside. Choose a tinted liner to coordinate with other décor within the space.  

Venturing Vertically With Valances

Change the functionality of your window coverings by the manner in which you hang them. Several panels of ceiling to floor drapes beautifully serve as a work of wall art when fully closed, but what about during the day when light is needed? Simply drape the panel over and around the curtain rod. Begin by arranging the first layer of fabric in a swoop fashion to cover hardware like grommet holes.

Fabrics such as linen and lightweight polyesters are more pliable, allowing you the flexibility of draping the material over rods. Ensure that your panels are hung on a sturdy curtain rod and drill into wall studs where permitted for extra support. This option works if you don't want to weigh a window down with a complete valance and panel set. You get the functionality of both with just one type of curtain.

Come out the victor in the decorating battle of whether to part the curtains or not. Utilize these style tips, and find more tips with the help of a company like D. Schultz Interiors, to come to the ultimate compromise between privacy and letting in natural light.