3 Unique Uses For Colored Glass Vases

If you have some beautiful colored glass vases that you aren't sure what to do with, don't fret, because there are several creative things that you can use them for. This article will discuss 3 unique uses for colored glass vases

Fish Bowl

If you have some colored glass vases that have a wider top, these are great for fish bowls. You can place some colored rocks or flat stones in the bottom of the vase to help catch the build up that your fish will create, and you can even place a fun little fish structure inside for your fish to swim in and out of. Two great types of fish to place in your colored glass vase would be a beta fish or a goldfish. Also, if you are worried about your fish getting enough oxygen, then you can buy a small oxygen pump that will continually pump oxygen into your fish's water. You will simply need to feed them regularly and clean their bowl about once per week, and you will be good to go. 


If you have the ashes of a loved one, and you want a beautiful and special object to store them, a colored glass vase makes an excellent urn. You can choose a colored glass vase that was your loved one's favorite color, and you can store it in a place in your home where you will be able to look at the beautiful vase and remember how amazing your loved one was. You will likely need to have a custom fit lid made for the vase though, so keep this in mind when determining which vase to use for an urn. 


A fun and unique project to create using a colored glass vase is to make a candle. You can get a vase that is small in size so that it isn't incredibly difficult to fill. You will then need to melt down the portion of wax that you need, and carefully pour it into the vase. Next, you will want to place a candle wick that goes all of the way down to the bottom of the vase. This will allow you to easily burn your candle for the entire life of the candle. To make the project even more fun, you can add a scent to the wax, or you can add flower petals, sparkles, or other beautiful objects that will be seen through the vase.