Choosing the Right Drapes for Your Room

If you are trying to update your home's interior decor, you know how difficult it can be to select furnishings and trims that complement one another. Drapery can either tie a room together, or it can act as an eyesore. Understanding some of the considerations you need to make before investing in new drapes can help you find the curtains that are best suited for your living space.

Here are three things to keep in mind when shopping for new drapes in the future.

1. The amount of natural sunlight that enters the room you are updating.

Many people think that curtains are designed to block out sunlight, but this isn't always the case. Before you buy curtains, be sure to consider the amount of natural sunlight streaming into the room you are updating. Rooms like the living room and kitchen tend to get a lot of sun, and hanging heavy drapes in these rooms can make the living space feel closed-in. In brightly lit rooms, opt for sheer fabric curtains that can provide privacy while still allowing sunlight to enter the room.

2. The texture and color of your walls.

Drapes are a design element that should complement the look of your room. Although patterned curtains can be exciting, if your room has textured walls then a plain fabric might be more suitable. Patterned drapes can compete with the texture and color of your wall.

If you have a bold pattern running throughout the room (like patterned throw pillows or a rug), stay away from brightly colored patterns when selecting fabric for your drapes.

3. The size of the room you are updating.

If your home has some rooms that seem a bit small, you can improve the ambiance of these rooms by selecting the right curtains. Investing in a sheer, lightweight curtain with some type of vertical striping can trick the eye into thinking your ceilings are taller than they actually are.

Hanging these types of drapes as high as possible will also create the optical illusion of more space. A good rule of thumb to follow when buying curtains for smaller rooms is to purchase panels that can be hung 4 inches above the window frame if your room has crown molding, or 6 inches above the window frame if there is no crown molding present.

Choosing curtains isn't as easy as simply selecting a fabric you like. You must consider the amount of sunlight entering the room you are updating, any competing patterns that might be present in the room, and the size of the room you are updating in order to select the best possible drapes for your living space. For assistance, visit sites like