New Trends In Landscaping That Benefit Your Lifestyle And Surrounding Nature

People are spending more time in the outdoors as a means of relaxation. Whether it's residential or commercial time-outs, they are seeking relaxation away from stress in their lives. Many people are also entertaining guests in outdoor areas at home. Read on to find out more about several new trends in landscaping for your residence or where you work.

Extending Living Room Into Your Outdoor Space

People are decorating outdoor residential spaces to appear as extensions of their inside living room. You can create that décor by first deciding on all-weather furniture chairs and benches. Outdoor rugs are available in rug shops for your benefit. The trend is to dress up your outdoor space with artwork designed to be hung outdoors. By the time you have decorated your garden space, you'll have created the perfect area to entertain family and friends.

Create Comfortable Outdoor Space

If you live in heavily wooded locations in states that endure high summer humidity, you'll be contending with all manner of insects and bugs outdoors. Remember to install appropriate misting fans to fight outdoor humidity. Ask garden center staff members about insect barriers that you can purchase for your garden space. Placing strategic awnings also enhances outdoor space by protecting you from the sun.

Use old bird cages, seed boxes, and shutters as decorative features for your outdoor room. Definitely visit your local thrift stores and also wander through neighborhood yard sales where you'll likely find antique items to decorate outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Space For Kids

Kids love the outdoors. Plan to have trampolines and swing sets installed. They like water splashing activities, and you can shop around for kid-size pools to satisfy their pool activities. Woodlands and nature settings allow children to explore natural spaces in their backyards. Installing a mini-maze will leave kids in giggles as they try to find their way out of the maze structure.

A Special Space For Flying Insects And  Birds

There is nothing more soothing than watching butterflies, bees, and birds buzzing in and around plant life growing in your garden space. Garden experts recommend that you create that space by planting wild basil that butterflies particularly like because of its abundance of nectar. They note that butterflies are also fond of violet flowers and lay their eggs on the plants, which later benefit caterpillars. Garden shop experts advise that yarrow and hyssop attract native bees. Make sure you leave birds a bird bath option that they can use on hot humid days.

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