Unique Outdoor Candle Lanterns That You Can Easily Make Yourself

If you are looking for easy ways to make some unique candle lanterns for outside, you are in luck. Take a few moments to review the various ways you can easily bring a little romantic light to just about any outdoor space in very little time.

Used Tin Cans

Do you purchase soup or vegetable cans? If so, as you empty a few of them, you will want to set them off to the side to be cleaned. Just make sure that you are rinsing them with plain water before you work to remove any sharp edges from where the lids were removed. You will need a special sandpaper for sanding down the tin, which can be easily found at many home improvement or hardware stores. Once the edges are no longer sharp, you can thoroughly wash the cans with soap and water so that they are not just clean, but so that they no longer smell like the contents that originally came in them. After they have dried, you can drill small holes throughout the sides of the cans. Drill holes in random spots or make a unique design, such as a flower, star, or the initial of your family name. Then add a tealight or votive candle and it is ready to go.

Wire Cylinder Bird Feeders

Cylinder bird feeders that are wired screens all of the way from the bottom to the top are great for instant candle lanterns. Simply add a votive candle to the bottom of the bird feeder and hang them on your porch, off the side of trees, or even from metal plant hooks that you can place throughout your yard. If you only have used ones, you might want to first make sure that you are washing them out so that you do not get to smell the overwhelming fragrance of bird seeds when the candle flame warms the metal.

Canning Jars

Take a clean canning jar and line the bottom of it with sand, pebbles, or glass beads. Take a bailing or copper wire and tightly wrap it around the top of the opened canning jar. The raised lines where the lid usually attaches are great for keeping the wire from sliding off of the jar. Once that wire is securely in place, you will be able to then take another strong wire and connect its two ends to the wire you just wrapped around the top of the jar so that it makes a hook for hanging. Simply add your votive or tea lights and you are ready to go.

With those few suggestions in mind, you will have no trouble making sure that you are able to create some of the nicest candle lanterns for your outdoor space. For more ideas, visit outdoor candle lantern companies like Alive With Items.