Using Wildflowers As Wedding Favors

If you are looking for a unique wedding favor to give to your guests consider using wildflower seed packets. These packets are filled with seeds that will yield lush areas of wildflower blooms to be enjoyed long after you say "I do". Here are a few ways to use wildflowers to be given as wedding favors, making them sure to be a hit with anyone attending a wedding reception.

Transferring Into Another Enclosure

Try putting wildflower seed mixes into a biodegradable paper so it can be planted as is when the guests get to their homes. This takes the guesswork out of planting as the entire packet can be placed into the ground to grow after the paper disintegrates from moisture. Many flower seed companies sell wildflower seeds that do not need to be sowed apart from each other. The result will be a grouping of pretty flowers to enjoy. 

Make sure to include planting instructions with the seeds. Cut the packet apart and glue the instructions to a piece of card stock. Clip to the biodegradable paper packet. It can be easily removed when it is time for the seeds to be planted.

Cover Packets With Appropriate Greetings

Place wildflower seed packets into a colorful envelope, decorative tin, or patterned cardboard box along with a thank you note for each guest. Add a seal or sticker to each packet so the wedding will be remembered when the packet is opened to place the seeds into the ground. Adorn the packets with colorful ribbons to match the decor of the wedding. Place a few on each guest's place setting as a favor they will be pleased to use and enjoy in the future.

Use Floral Centerpieces As Favors

Grow your own wildflowers to use as your table centerpieces. Place some colorful glass rocks or pebbles into the bottom of each vase before arranging the flowers inside. Set several into the center of each table and use small candles to help illuminate the area so that it gives a tranquil setting for each guest to gaze upon while enjoying the reception. At the bottom of each vase, place a number. This will match a number you place on a piece of paper to tape underneath each guest's seat. Announce to guests to check under their chairs to see which centerpiece vase is designated for them to take home at the end of the event.