Caring For Wood Veneer Topped Tables

Many people find the look of expensive wood furniture very pleasing in the home. If you enjoy this look, but do not have the funds to purchase wood side tables for your home, you may want to consider using wood veneer topped tables instead. Furniture with a wood veneer finish will appear as if it is made from wood, when it really has a thin layer of the expensive wood covering a cheaper material. This is a wonderful way to get the look you want without spending a lot of money to get it. No one will ever know that your cheap side tables aren't the real thing. Maintaining wood veneer furniture is important in keeping it in great condition while hiding your secret from others. Here are some steps to follow when caring for wood veneer table toppings.

Watch Item Placement

As with regular wood surfaces, you need to be careful in what items you place on top of the wood so it does not alter the appearance in any way. Avoid placing cups or glasses on the surface as they can leave behind water marks when the temperature change causes condensation along the bottom rim. These are very difficult to remove from a veneer surface. Do not place hot items on a veneer surface so you do not melt any finish on top of the wood. Instead, use a pot holder or trivet to keep hot items lifted from the wood. Avoid pushing items across the surface as it can scratch as a result.

Clean The Veneer Topping

When a veneer topped table appears grungy in appearance, it will need to be properly cleaned to keep the furniture looking lustrous and new. Remove loose dirt from the table with a piece of microfiber cloth. Gently rub it across the surface, shining it in the process. If debris has adhered to the furniture piece, moisten the material slightly before rubbing over the surface. Make sure to use another piece of dry cloth to remove all moisture immediately. Using a lot of water on a wood veneer can cause the piece of wood to warp. Using lemon oil every few weeks will keep the wood veneer furniture looking shiny.

Repairing A Separation Problem

Sometimes a veneer surface will separate from the substrate material it is covering. When this occurs, it can be glued back into place. Place glue on the underside of the veneer and press into place. Use a clamp or place a heavy item, such as a brick or cinder block, on the veneer surface to keep it from shifting as it dries.