Are You Prone To Falling Down? Opt For Carpet Cleaning Over Covering The Carpet Up

Whether you have poor balance, a medical condition such as cerebral palsy, or you are just a clumsy individual, falling down is not something to take lightly. By having carpeting installed in your home, rather than tile or hardwood floors, the risk of injury is reduced significantly when you fall. If you're not a frequent cleaner due your health or lifestyle, you may already be used to adding rugs on top of the carpet to further soften the surface and to avoid having to clean the carpet as often.

While rugs can be beneficial in some situations, you are better off getting carpet cleaning instead.

Mats, Rugs, and Runners Are Best Removed

Anything that you put down on the carpet is going to increase your chance of falling. These items have to be secured in the exact place where they stand, otherwise you run the risk of slipping on them. Although you can get pads that will secure them, it is easier to avoid such a hassle in the first place. So, the way to accomplish this goal is by removing runners, mats, and rugs completely. This is even more crucial with rugs accounting for 45.8% of fall injuries that get treated in emergency medical departments.

Heavy Traffic Is Better Without Shoes

The benefit of mats and rugs is that they protect your delicate carpet from excessive wear and tear. Shoes are easily the most common culprit as you will track in all sorts of dirt particles from outside. If you normally enter the home through the garage, you can create a shoe station there. It is also beneficial to have several pairs of slippers staged in the garage and right inside of your front door for anyone to wear. This step will keep dirty socks from causing any unwanted wear and tear on the carpeting.

Avoid the Dangers of Cleaning

If you are having difficulty staying upright while walking around your home, you may want to minimize how much you vacuum. It can be beneficial to hire a house cleaner to take care of this task on a weekly basis, and you can even increase how often you get carpet cleaning to maximize your carpet's lifespan.

It is unfortunate to be in such a difficult situation at home, and while removing the carpet would be an option, you may feel comforted by the fact that it can reduce the impact of your falls. By taking care of the carpet with regular cleaning and not covering it up, you can make your home a safer place. To learn more, contact a professional carpet cleaning company like Chem Dry Springfield.