What To Consider When Buying A Riding Mower

If it's just too much work to push a mower around your big yard, it's time to consider buying a riding mower. A riding mower can be a big investment, but if you take care of it properly, it will last for years. To get the best return on your money, you should buy the type of mower that will work best for you. Here are a few options to think about.

Zero-Turn Mowers

If you have several trees, plants, or flowers in your yard, you may want to buy a zero-turn-radius mower. These maneuver much better than a traditional lawn tractor. You can hug the base of a tree or border of a garden with a zero-turn mower and mow in tight circles, so the need to follow up with a push mower or weed trimmer is eliminated.

Mulching And Bagging Mowers

A typical lawn tractor might not come with a way to handle the grass discharge since it just blows out the side, so if you want to save yourself the trouble of raking your lawn, then be sure to buy a mower that accepts attachments. Adding a bag to your lawn mower keeps your yard tidy and prevents the spread of weeds and seeds. Mulching is another option you may want to consider. If you add this option to your mower, the cut grass will be turned into mulch that helps nourish your lawn.

Size And Horsepower

The bigger the mower, the more it costs. However, bigger mowers have larger blades and that means you'll need to make fewer passes to cut your grass. If saving time is important to you, you should buy the largest mower you can afford. In addition to size, check the turn radius of the mower whether you buy a traditional tractor or a zero-turn-radius model. The tighter the turn radius, the easier it will be for you to mow around trees and other obstructions. Horsepower is important if your yard has uneven terrain. You'll need extra power to mow up hills or cut through thick grass.

Available Accessories

If you have a large yard and enjoy working outdoors, you may want to invest in a lawn mower that does double duty as a small tractor. You can buy various accessories for these mowers that make them very useful and fun to own. For instance, you could attach a small wagon to your mower to haul mulch or plants to the far corner of your property. To maintain your yard properly, you may want to invest in a dethatcher, lawn roller, or lawn vacuum you can attach to the mower when needed. You could even use the mower in the winter as snow plow with a front blade attachment. Mowers also come with various accessories for comfort. You can buy a canopy to provide shade, and upgrade to comfortable seating with arm rests.

If you don't spend much time working on your yard and just want a mower to cut the grass in a hurry when it needs it, then a budget riding mower would work great. But if you spend a lot of time working on your yard, then you might want to invest in a more deluxe mower that will accept a variety of attachments and is comfortable to ride and easy to operate. For more information, contact companies like Snappy's Outdoor Equipment Sales & Service LLC.